Juan Uriagereka

University of Maryland, Maryland

Working at the edge of Chomsky's Minimalist Program, Juan Uriagereka has made proposals exploring new territories: on spell-out of syntactic structures, the emergence of barriers to question formation, reprojections of syntactic categories, etc. This project is summarized in Rhyme and Reason (MIT Press 1998) and Derivations (Routledge 2005). His works on language evolution and architecture have been compiled into the volumes Syntactic Anchors (Cambridge 2008) and Spell-out in the Minimalist Program (Oxford 2012). Uriagereka was as a founding member of the Linguistics Department at Maryland in 1988. He has directed or co-directed 19 dissertations and participated in 60 others, and is the co-author, with his mentor Howard Lasnik, of two textbooks on syntax. In his capacity as Associate Provost for Faculty he led the approval and promotion of family-friendly policies, regularizing the status of professional-track faculty, organizing leadership forums, and updating promotion/tenure policies at Maryland.