Carlos Santamaría center. Antonio Beristaín center
Elhuyar square, Donostia - San Sebastian

1st Symposium on Basque Academic Diaspora

Organized by the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, the 1st Symposium on the Basque Academic Diaspora will take place on 12th July at the Carlos Santamaria Center , UPV/EHU Gipuzkoa Campus, in Donostia-San Sebastián.

This 1st Symposium on the Basque Academic Diaspora is devised as a starting point to lay the foundations  of an international network of academics and researchers, with Basque descent or ties with  the Basque Country, dispersed all over the world. The network aims to stay in tune with the roots that define their members, foster and consolidate future partnerships for mutual benefit, in terms of knowledge and sense of belonging. It will be the opportunity to identify the research, intellectual and cultural activity scattered internationally and link  it to its roots in the Basque Country.

This Symposium will contribute to the development of the relations from an academic and research point of view, with the aim of creating and developing an international network of teachers  and researchers to benefit from the  shared and common potential. It is proposed to set up this relation arena as a meeting point for dialogue, exchanging ideas, knowledge generation and transfer; a space that allows the Basque Country to keep growing with contributions made from any part in the world and that also benefits everyone who participates in the event, as there will be a nexus of  academic cooperation based on  their own origins and with the spirit of increasing knowledge, in line with  the UPV/EHU motto : “eman ta zabal zazu” (give and spread knowledge).

The first edition of this symposium will take place in Donostia-San Sebastián, taking advantage of the international opportunity the city offers in 2016 as European Capital of Culture. It will be an opportunity to share knowledge and enjoy the international benchmark qualities of the city as a welcome symbol of that academic diaspora we want to connect with and recover.