John Ysursa

Foundational Studies Program & Basque Global Collaborative. Boise State University, Idaho

John Ysursa is a Boise native, and a graduate of Boise State in 1985.  For many years he has been actively involved in the Basque-American community in various ways, including Basque cultural endeavors that bridge the worlds of academia and popular culture. One chief responsibility is to serve as managing editor of one of Boise State’s first online academic journal, BOGA: Basque Studies Consortium Journal. Additional responsibilities entail facilitating various initiatives of Boise State Basque Studies both on Campus (e.g., periodic academic conferences, visiting performers and scholars, webmaster of the program’s university webpage, contacts of international partners to foster student, faculty, and professional exchanges, etc.) and in the larger local community in an effort to forge “learning links.”  Research and teaching interest include workshops and regular course offerings on various aspects of Basque culture including issues of identity, immigration, rituals, history, music, song, dance, etc.